Efficient, gentle wine filtration
with joma-oenostar systems.


The star-shaped arrangement of oenostar highperformance membrane modules guarantees consistent incident flow to the filters.
oenostar: the right system for every filtration requirement
Manual filtration. Taste in its purest form.
Semiautomated filtration. Gentle on the product.
oenostar advanced. Efficient and gentle on the product.
Fully automated. For top flavour and top quality.

Your passion is wine. You love and produce light, rosé and white wines, full of finesse, with subtle flavours and colours, as well as high quality red wines.

You don't compromise on quality or the filtering system.

See for yourself our joma-oenostar filtration systems based on cross-flow filtration technology.


Joma-service GmbH has been around since 2008. 90% of our currently 15-strong team are former Schenk Filterbau staff. Therefore we can fall back on decades of experience in plant construction, especially in filter construction.

Since 2013 we have been based in Böbingen an der Rems, where we not only deal with plant construction but also operate an electrochemical bath and a water jet cutting system. From 2013 we have been producing the well-known, innovative, oenostar filter systems under contract.

From now on we may call this product range our own and not only manufacture and market new systems but also perform service and repair work, module regeneration and provide advice and support on any issues regarding filtration with oenostar filter systems.

In this new "joma filtration systems" business division our main focus is a trusting, co-operative collaboration with our customers.

Your joma filtration systems team