oenostar advanced

oenostar 2000 ha advanced

available from oenostar 2000 HA


  • Automatic filling and ventilation at start-up
  • Control of filtered fluid volume flow rate
  • Automatic backflushing: time interval and backflush positions can be selected
  • Automatic deconcentration in onboard or external tank
  • Individually adjustable cleaning cycles
  • Program-based water flushing
  • Adjustable backflush intervals based on membrane buildup (LIB/SIB)
  • Automatic tank changeover
  • Automatic ventilation
  • Wago controller with 10“ touchscreen
  • Automatic heel filtration using compressed air or inert gas
  • Magnetic-inductive flowmeter for monitoring total and batch volumes and stopping the system after a preset volume
  • Oenocare pressure monitoring
  • Ability to actuate a servopump for filling the system from a deeper cellar
  • Ability to connect an external filling level switch for precisely filling the tank (filling to the brim)
  • Stack light for operational safety to show ready status or indicate a fault or alarm
  • Phase monitoring relay: eliminates difficult check of electrical rotating field