Less mechanical stress with oenostar technology

joma-oenostar reduces the mechanical stress on the wine during filtration with its patent-pending star-shaped incident flow. In conventional systems, filter modules are installed in series. The first modules are more heavily loaded than the last ones. This wear on the modules leads to reduced filter performance during the filtration process. The star-shaped arrangement of the highperformance membrane modules, in contrast, guarantees consistent incident flow to the filters. Combined with efficient pumps, this results in gentle filtration and unique, top-quality wines with regard to purity and stability of all the nuances of flavor.

Individually configurable — manual, semiautomated, or fully automated

oenostar filtration solutions have proven their performance in practice for the filtration of both standard wines as well as highly sensitive prestige wines. All systems are individually designed to fulfill your specific requirements. joma-oenostar systems meet the selection criteria for EU investment subsidies for viticulture*.

* According to Annex IV of Regulation (EC) 479/2008 and IIIrd Investments per Art. 15, in conjunction with Annex IV of Regulation (EC) 479/2008